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Janitorial Services

Taking Care of Business

A clean workspace is a happy workspace, and we’re here to provide just that. From the moment we step inside until we set the alarm and depart, Clean King aims to provide a thorough cleaning service that we know your business needs. Our routine services include floor care, full bathroom cleaning and sanitizing, surface cleaning of furniture, windows and high-touch points, parking lot tidying, garbage disposal and more. Additionally, Clean King is able to help with your more quarterly & yearly services as well like carpet cleaning, floor waxing, baseboard and fixture detailing and more.

With sixteen years invested, Clean King has worked with an array of businesses, from airports, churches, auto dealerships, medical offices, schools, restaurants, banks and beyond. We look forward to connecting with your establishment and developing a comprehensive cleaning plan unique to your business needs.

Clean King is hiring industrial cleaners! Call (704) 290-6543 for more information.